Find your purpose, find your mission, define your vision.

"We do not to have a vision. We do have to find one." said Simon Sinek. - This article is my reaction to a blog-video of Simon Sinek in LinkedIn. - Yes, you can find a vision. And yes, you can get passion in what you are doing. And no, that´s not the complete truth.

Find your mission

You can have a purpose and you can have a mission. But you still need to find it. Sometimes it is deeply hidden in yourself. If you like to know it, you can find it. You can find your purpose. You can find your mission. It is a matter of listening explicitely.

Very often you do not hear your mission and purpose by yourself, even if you say it loudly it still need to be heard in between your spoken lines. Then it might be helpful to have a second pair of ears, like a trained coach for finding purpose and mission. I help people to find their purpose & mission since 20 years and I train coaches in facilitating people finding their purpose and mission. Each of those hundreds of coachees had his or her own difficulties in exploring there mission and purpose and being able to boost it.

Find your vision

And a vision? You can see it, hear it, feel it, smell it or taste it. But sometimes all the pieces of your vision are mixed up or in an overlay. So they are not clear enough to focus on, even you have it or even you found it when listening to others. And sometimes you can find it and feel it and it is still hidden behind a mixture of limiting beliefs which prevents you to make it your vision. Sometimes it is a little light in the dark and only you have the power to make it shining. But you might need help to make it bright, to allow yourself to make it big or to find the inner resources that you can stand the power in yourself.

We have some tools to help you to get your personal key to your vision. And there are also some techniques how you can seperate all these pieces to create your cleared up and motivating vision and to synergize these pieces to a complete, clear and motivation whole.

Define your ambition

And there is another thing to know: vision and ambition are different perspectives to the future. If you like to put your vision into reality it starts to become ambition. Then you experience the first bits of passion.

Unleash your passion

And you still might not have enought of the passion you want and you need. Even if you have all of it in yourself there might be parts in yourself who stop the passion e.g. a system of limiting beliefs. You might need to create a belief system, which supports your purpose, your mission and your ambition.

That is real handcraft. Some leaders know how to work in themselves to unleash there power.  And others might need support to learn the mechanics in themselves and how to influence it by themselves. You can experience how to do it. And you can learn it.

Then you can find and have your purpose, your mission, your vision and your ambition. Then you can feel and experience your passion and unleash it. Then you believe  in your purpose, your mission, your vision and ambition - you believe in yourself and your future.

Explore the power in yourself. Get your passion.


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